Often a driver or pedestrian makes an obvious mistakes and steps out into the wrong places in traffic. I know […]
Sometimes the solution to confusion during a driving move, like a lane change, is not easy to find. One approach […]
You Know the Famous Duck – Calm on top – Fury underwater? – WELL I MET THAT DUCK TODAY Recently […]
Introducing a new driver to a bustling, intricate roadway can be a daunting experience. There’s an overwhelming array of factors […]
The top two incidents that help a new driver truly understand the danger that surrounds them while moving a 2000 […]
Often anxiety comes from not completely understanding the laws or the design of this Game of Driving. Clarifying these misunderstandings […]
I tried another trainer. But the trainer slammed on the brakes a dozen times every lesson. After twenty-five hours of […]
The first drive, the car is all over the place never staying in the lane. Braking is sudden and we […]
Many drivers bring stress with them into my driving school class. How does a wise instructor deal with this? I […]
Mom and son are on the way to school. Mom is living through multiple leading causes of external stress. Divorce, […]
MEASURE YOU LIFE STRESS HERE How stressful are you? Many of us live for years ignoring the stress we function […]
Valuable Strategy to Avoid Trouble While Driving Three problems appear at the same time in the same space on your […]
You will face this tremendous internal conflict when preparing with your driving school for your big ICBC test day. The […]
Morning rush hour traffic, thousands of drivers move quickly on their way to work. One car slows to set up […]
The street was narrow. Parked cars beside us and a cement divider running down the entire roadway to my left. […]

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