everyone has one or two or more
“Every driving lesson feels like a blur. I often disassociate and don’t understand my instructor’s explanations about the car’s position. […]
lern to drive standard shift car 5 speed
Discover a valuable technique for mastering manual transmission driving – self-instruction! After years of assisting novice drivers with a 5-speed […]
stop the anxiety skill
As we learn to drive, my clients and I eventually share our thoughts and feelings honestly, and an extraordinary skill […]
dry steering
Dry Steering is a myth - it does not hurt the car- in fact it improves control!
unlearn to learn
When I lived in China, I observed many Chinese students saying the English word ‘dog.’ Some instantly said it without […]
come drive in thailand
During my time driving in Thailand, I noticed several significant factors: Tailgating is particularly concerning. Research shows that following another […]
IDP International Driver’s License, is a translation of your current driver’s license into multiple languages. It must be accompanied by […]
anxiety many kinds
What are the primary concerns my clients bring to me regarding their fears, stresses, and anxiety, grouped by priority? Group […]
“I’m not at ease when I drive, and it might be because I learned to drive in a smaller town […]
outside opinion
Where do training groups send a client they cannot help? THEY SEND THEM TO ME. Driving is an every moment […]
great mechanic
A huge component of ensuring ny driver training service is top quality is connecting with a brilliant, honest, experienced automotive […]
great present tesla truck
Right outside my condo is someone’s present. For a moment I wondered who was being so nice to me. Oh […]
how many signs are there
Clients often inquire about the what I think the most common reason for failing a road test. I consistently highlight […]
dfective tires careful
Tires grip the road. Tires are critical to control of your car. Control is the key to keeping out of […]

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