Additionally, there is one more reason why many clients do not achieve nor strive for my awareness level. It’s because […]
Yes, the goal is to be safe for the rest of your life. A great foundational understanding is to realize […]
This third post is related to EMERGENCY and MAINTENANCE VEHICLE POSTS because I strongly suggest you treat the following similarly. […]
What do you do when… You Hear A Siren?See a flashing yellow light vehicle?See a blue flashing Lights?See Hazard Lights?See […]
Parking Brake Bumps PRNDL Restart the Restart the Restart Parking Brake – Driving away with the parking brake on can […]
My observation of sitting beside a driver experiencing a panic attack or a sudden rush of anxiety is nothing compared […]
“Thank you for the audio message and the info! Good to know.” “Thank you so much for the driving lesson […]
Each quarter the highest speeding ticket is published… 141,833 speeding tickets were issued since the summer of 2019. That’s 155 […]
” All the talk, diagrams, sketches, and theory are wiped clean the instant that one belief crashes into the conversation. THE […]
This continued conversation about Risk and Driving in Canada started in a previous post What’s the Risk In Driving A […]
“Change comes in many forms. Change to improve. Change to make it worse. Change to pretend and keep things the […]
Q: What! Do you suggest I manage my co-pilot? CLIENT A: YES! Absolutely. This is your learning. Be responsible for […]
Today I received the new version of ICBC’s Code of Conduct rule for driver training, driving instructors and driving schools […]
For several decades I worked in the corporate world, led there by a personal drive to understand what the Ph.D.’s […]
How to Set Up Scheduling With Cooper When booking driving lessons with COOPER, you will see NOCON beside your name. […]

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