Automobiles are an essential commodity in the modern world. The industrial revolution saw the start of a changing planet […]
road way disappears into the future
“The future road, traffic and obstacles ahead of you, and related space is totally in your control. You choose how […]
sign right turn symbol
SETUP 1. Approaching any turn, roadway or intersection first needs to be scanned to ensure it’s legal, you know where […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Car A 100% at Fault go see example one here I routinely look for different ways that driving risk is […]
Emergency Fire Truck Flashing red and blue Lights
Approach of an Emergency Vehicle Be aware of your surrounding traffic – Most hear the siren before seeing the flashing […]
a single vehicle tire
Well-cared good tires are super important for maximum control, always! You can count on quality tires at a quality driving […]
woman sremaing with 7 hands presenting tasks
“Turning the corner while checking the blind side of the car, I think, is super dangerous. How can you check […]
ambulance moving fast with blurred background scene
This third post is related to EMERGENCY and MAINTENANCE VEHICLE POSTS because I strongly suggest you treat the following similarly. […]
ambulance moving fast with blurred background scene
What do you do when… You Hear A Siren?See a flashing yellow light vehicle?See a blue flashing Lights?See Hazard Lights?See […]
Parking Brake Bumps PRNDL Restart the Restart the Restart Parking Brake – Driving away with the parking brake on can […]
TIRF just released “addressing cannabis-impaired driving: International researchers join forces to help inform policy and legislation globally” well worth reading. […]
Today I received the new version of ICBC’s Code of Conduct rule for driver training, driving instructors and driving schools […]
Two books are the basic foundation of driving instruction here in British Columbia. Learn to Drive Smart and Tuning Up […]
part I – legal to drive the physical license is in my pocket glasses if I needed – and sunglasses […]
“Spotting trouble, congestion, car door opening, or people standing beside their vehicle in your lane is a tight situation. Drivers should immediately […]

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