Many clients I meet face fear during their driving lessons. Fear is a healthy part of driving and has its place but I don’t think it should be a regular feeling. When the fear comes one should look at it as a moment to truly listen and reflect on what just occurred.

We call this the fear/fun balance during our driving lessons with the purpose of growing the fun and reducing the fear. But the fear must be listened to for it indicates areas that need more attention, more care, more time and careful analysis to filter out the sources of the fear.

Sometimes when one drives it’s wise to be fearful and take a pause to pay attention to the fear!

This precise habit has produced in me an extreme proactive stand when driving, one in which I rarely experience fear when driving. And when I do I carefully review the specifics of the event so that I can CHANGE and never have it occur again!

I carefully review the specifics of the event so that I can CHANGE and never have it occur again!

Every day I live in the passenger seat of my car with a half dozen different drivers! How many fear events do you think I experience a day? Three a Day? Three a Week? Three a Month? Three a Year?

And how many fear incidents do I experience driving alone outside of teaching? ? Three a Week? Three a Month? Three a Year?

I have a better question.


Come let’s compare notes. You may be surprised what my answer is. My heart may break when you tell me your answer!

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