This four-day workshop will allow a group of senior instructors to administer the workshop on how Cooperative driving differs from other types of driving in subtle as well as in very obvious ways. Using this model may help in preparing new drivers to maintain many of the learned behaviours they acquired to pass the road test and help experienced drivers deal with frustration and anxiety when driving. It puts the driver in a position of analyzing how they are affecting others rather than just how others may affect them. In a very fundamental way, it changes the focus of the venture of driving and brings a level of humility and accountability to driving that is lacking in other approaches to the task. As well as focusing on the impact a driver makes within the system it encourages honest and straightforward personal insight into the behaviours a driver exhibits which is being touted as very important for drivers to acquire if they are to remain collision-free.

This is a licensing program for instructors to deliver to either other instructors or end-users. Co-operative Driving will be equivalent to a six-hour DDC( Defensive Driving Course ) or PDIC (Professional Development Improvement Course ) program and should be offered as such.