Throwing a new driver into a busy complex roadway is terrifying! There are hundreds of different things to pay attention to! Too many things! It’s chaos, wrapped tight inside 2000 kg of solid steel, moving fast! Some cars, very fast! And big trucks! Zoom!

And it’s raining, and you’re telling me to speed up! GOSH!

It’s insanity!


Stop driving for years, scared.

Stop fearing traffic!

Stop being terrified every time you get into a car!

The best solution is to LEARN TO DRIVE!


Face your fear now.

My work helping many fearful drivers who overcome and succeed in obtaining their own independent ability to drive has revealed an important secret.


There are two skills needed BEFORE you attempt to take on complex driving. And most trainers, as well as most learners, FAIL to achieve these skills. You should master these skills before entering traffic.

Worse than this – is being forced into the TERROR of TRAFFIC too soon, and far too early when you DO NOT HAVE THE TWO CORE BASIC SKILLS you need to survive!

So part of the secret is to REMOVE the traffic while you are learning.

So part of the secret is to REMOVE the traffic while you are learning.

So the secret is called 5 am.

Your Intuition Knows this very clearly. That’s is why you are scared!

And well, you should be!


Learn to Drive at 5 am!

That is right!

Learn with little to zero traffic.

Full access to all the signs lines & lights. 

Full access to the entire game board called driving.

Develop those two core skills sets in the quiet early morning light.


These are the two cores we all should master before we take on the chaotic TRAFFIC.

Far too many have learned to drive without first developing these core two, which I say contributes to the high crash rates we are all paying for.

Now you know the secret.

Will I see you at 5 am?

Wave to me when you drive by ok.

Oh, wait! Oh, wait! You are not supposed to wave on a driving test! REALLY! Is that true?


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