We do not book road tests months ahead into that 180-day booking system. We use a different strategy for those […]
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You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. […]
deconstruct your skills
Your friend plops down on a plastic chair, it goes CRACK, and they crash to the floor. You lean on […]
Two books are the basic foundation of driving instruction here in British Columbia. Learn to Drive Smart and Tuning Up […]
Text us your name & address & blurp about the training you want We will send you possible driving times […]
Yes, you the new driver must manage anyone who is kind enough to allow you to practise. Your practise person, […]
First time I missed a 30 km/h in a school zone. I drove over the speed limit and failed. –SPEEDING […]
This is found at on-ramps as you accelerate to highway speeds of 80 plus. Usually, you come from a residential […]
https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/new-drivers/Documents/driver-experience-log.pdf Your First Twenty Hours The fine muscles in your ankles and wrists take time to develop and give your […]
ANSWER: THREE YEARS OR MORE How long did it take you to learn to ski, play hockey or any other […]
​These collisions happen when a cyclist rides inside a crosswalk and is struck or overtaken by a driver. In this […]
safe driving learn mistakes
A vehicle is stopped at a stop sign while another vehicle is turning left onto the road. A crash occurs […]
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“Every driving lesson feels like a blur. I often disassociate and don’t understand my instructor’s explanations about the car’s position. […]
A crash at an uncontrolled intersection occurs when a vehicle is driving through that intersection and collides with an approaching […]
Your best first step here is to meet me at King Edward Station which is very close to a very […]
Two vehicles approach an uncontrolled intersection at approximately the same time. A crash occurs when both vehicles proceed into the […]
A vehicle is driving straight through an uncontrolled T-intersection (an intersection with no stop signs or lights). A second vehicle […]
so sad wrong car
A new Vancouver clent just talked about the glaring failure one of the bigger known local driving schools in managing […]
🌟 Join us at I Have Evolved Cooper’s Driving School and trade loud scrapes for quiet confidence! 🎓🚦
🚦 Why Knowing Your Traffic Signs is Non-Negotiable 🚸 Every driver’s journey begins with learning the basics, but true mastery […]
These collisions happen when a driver overtakes a cyclist in order to make a right turn. In this diagram, the […]
There is never a dull moment driving in Vancouver if you keep your eyes open! Driving lessons are not at […]
chaos coming soon to a road near you
“The Province is a leading jurisdiction in North America for defining and protecting vulnerable road users.” The huge well funded […]
These accidents happen when two vehicles are reversing from facing parking spots and hit each other.In this diagram, Vehicle A […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot and collides with another vehicle that is reversing in […]

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