Buy your own car now. Many clients, after struggling for several months trying every possible way to get enough hours […]
First time I missed a 30 km/h in a school zone. I drove over the speed limit and failed. –SPEEDING […]
This is found at on-ramps as you accelerate up to highway speeds 80 plus. Usually you come from a residential […] Your First Twenty Hours The fine muscles in your ankles and wrists take time to develop and give your […]
You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. […]
ANSWER: THREE YEARS OR MORE How long did it take you to learn to ski, play hockey or any other […]
Wow, I cannot believe we drove on Hastings, Broadway, Clark and downtown through the east side today! It was amazing! […]
Since opening here in the Vancouver area I have been struggling to paint up my car. In fact, it’s hard […]
They fall asleep. They tell you that everything is easy. They talk on their cell phone and answer calls. They […]
My beginning decade of teaching driving lessons with classroom training, saw many individuals not able to ask for help, beleiveing […]
My eyes were wide open in today’s driving lesson because my instructor told me to turn left onto a one-way […]
Driving Lesson – Learning To Drive  Includes the range of skills required to move the car exactly where you want […]
Many clients I meet face fear during their driving lessons. Fear is a healthy part of driving and has its […] In their blog, they map out the many dangerour zones for bikers. Amazing and interesting even when you do […]
parking on white line fail
Over the past few weeks, my clients have been passing passing passing even when they park poorly at the end […]
Two big issues I see that harm a new learner during their first driving lesson: 1. dumping all content as […]
Find a car. Find someone who knows how to operate the car. Drive the car. Voila! A Driving Lesson! Licensing […]
I had to dig out the driver’s handbook to prove that it was needed for the test. In fact, as […]
Right and Wrong bike Lane Usage
I grew up in Ontario, and spent seven years driving in China before moving to B.C. three years ago. My […]
Disturbing stats are coming out of the USA with spikes in pedestrian and cyclist deaths. I have talked about it […]

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