Text us your name & address & blurp about the training you want We will send you possible driving times […]
This example is used for an experience new to Canada driver on a Class 5 ‘N’ driving lesson. ‘1. LISTEN […]
This material comes from ICBC’s two books, as well. It is given to every person who attends an ICBC driving […]
First time I missed a 30 km/h in a school zone. I drove over the speed limit and failed. –SPEEDING […]
This is found at on-ramps as you accelerate to highway speeds of 80 plus. Usually, you come from a residential […]
https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/new-drivers/Documents/driver-experience-log.pdf Your First Twenty Hours The fine muscles in your ankles and wrists take time to develop and give your […]
You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. […]
ANSWER: THREE YEARS OR MORE How long did it take you to learn to ski, play hockey or any other […]
“I am trying to get the car to go straight. The steering wheel is straight, so why isn’t the car […]
Well-cared good tires are super important for maximum control, always! You can count on quality tires at a quality driving […]
“Turning the corner while checking the blind side of the car, I think, is super dangerous. How can you check […]
This occurs and, sadly, is a real problem. Yes, there are drivers out there without coverage on their cars. This […]
90% 10% 1% My most admitted mentor in road safety often stated, “the road system is extremely forgiving.” Many are […]
This British Columbia ICBC test can be tricky to grab for several reasons. For one, there are several hundred laws […]
FULL ARTICLE HERE Starting in spring 2023, Alberta will no longer require the advanced road test for Class 5 and […]
“I got training and passed both the Class 7 ‘L’ test and the Class 5 “N” test but still, I […]
Additionally, there is one more reason why many clients do not achieve nor strive for my awareness level. It’s because […]
Yes, the goal is to be safe for the rest of your life. A great foundational understanding is to realize […]
Temperatures in the summer months can explode inside a car within minutes causing serious injury and death to infants. Do […]
This third post is related to EMERGENCY and MAINTENANCE VEHICLE POSTS because I strongly suggest you treat the following similarly. […]
What do you do when… You Hear A Siren?See a flashing yellow light vehicle?See a blue flashing Lights?See Hazard Lights?See […]
“Most traffic-related deaths and injuries worldwide occur in lower-income countries. One of the most significant factors is the speed and […]

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