puzzle piece fitting into biiger picture
These structures were not strong enough to withstand the extra weight, causing them to collapse, with everything falling to the […]
An Experienced Drivers First Lesson is Different. Read More Here. We meet, and I drive for about four minutes and […]
pieces of a puzzle locaked togther
“I got training and passed both the Class 7 ‘L’ test and the Class 5 “N” test but still, I […]
Text us your name & address & blurp about the training you want We will send you possible driving times […]
two girls happy driving a convertable car on a sunny day
This example is used for an experience new-to-Canada driver on Class 5 ‘N’ driving lesson. Go Read What Happens on […]
We do not book road tests months ahead into that 180-day booking system. We use a different strategy for those […]
This material comes from ICBC’s two books, as well. It is given to every person who attends an ICBC driving […]
First time I missed a 30 km/h in a school zone. I drove over the speed limit and failed. –SPEEDING […]
This is found at on-ramps as you accelerate to highway speeds of 80 plus. Usually, you come from a residential […]
https://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/new-drivers/Documents/driver-experience-log.pdf Your First Twenty Hours The fine muscles in your ankles and wrists take time to develop and give your […]
You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. […]
ANSWER: THREE YEARS OR MORE How long did it take you to learn to ski, play hockey or any other […]
focus sign
Don’t look at the parked cars tight on both sides as we drive down the narrow residential street. So then, […]
sketch intersection b car hitting A car
Who is to blame? Will you be conscious after you are hit to discuss the question? A frightening idea and, […]
Previously I have talked about this unique race track which allows anyone to take the family car out onto the […]
traffic sign showing man slipping
Are women more at risk in Car CRASHES? The anatomy of women is different than men hence the effect of […]
I’m so thankful for Cooper. He’s the best driving instructor ever! He helped me manage my anxiety when it comes […]
splash of paint beside a steel plank
STEEL  As we drive down the residential road at 30 or 40 km/h, we see a long line of parked […]
new acura sliding in dirt
My car is an Acura RDX 4-cylinder engine 4-door SUV sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive automatic transmission turbocharged leather […]
winter tire closeup in snow landscape
Super bone-dry pavement (zero) grabs my four rubber tires, firmly holding my car to the ground. We apply the brakes, […]
I  WANT TO BE A SUPER SAFE DRIVER! This is a familiar statement from many driving schools and driver training […]
beautiful country scene
Calm Driving Areas We start in a carefully chosen area with low traffic volumes and wider calmer street designs. Reducing […]
tons of snow dunsmuir overpass
The day is Monday, December 19, 2022. The location is Vancouver.  The event is a Class 7 ICBC driving test.  […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Vehicle “A” = 100% Vehicle ‘B” = 0% If you can’t see, you can’t go. Vision Vision Vision 100% Hope […]
Today another driving instructor said hi, and we briefly chatted about our cars. We were parked beside each other in […]
teacher at black board pointer thrust forward
This month is my fourth year living in Vancouver. Often clients contact me outside of my teaching area and want […]
man covering ears from loud horn
Toot – Beep Beep – Horn Recently a past client was taking me for a tour around the city. They […]

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