Each quarter the highest speeding ticket is published… 141,833 speeding tickets were issued since the summer of 2019. That’s 155 […]
About 70,000 Red Light Tickets have been issued yearly in B.C. since the cameras started in the summer of 2019. […]
Today I received the new version of ICBC’s Code of Conduct rule for driver training, driving instructors and driving schools […]
For several decades I worked in the corporate world, led there by a personal drive to understand what the Ph.D.s […]
“Cancelled scheduled appointments six times in three months, several on the same day!” “…sent 3 different cars – 2 of […]
“Throwing a newbie into the wrong environment can crush their confidence and ignite fear and anxiety. Many residential areas are […]
Many clients come to me because of a terrible experience with a bad driving instructor. My first response is to […]
They fall asleep. They tell you that everything is easy. They talk on their cell phone and answer calls. They […]
The street was narrow. Parked cars beside us and a cement divider running down the entire roadway to my left. […]

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