Long lines of stopped traffic act similar to a solid barrier or a solid wall, with one huge exception. Cars, […]
Night driving is trickly because pedestrians, dressed in dark clothing, are black like the night and can only be seen […]
Spot the hazards is part of your driving test. What do you see in this picture? Compare your answer to […]
Every day we see persons on the road with Stop and Slow signs helping us navigate thru often confusing road […]
Getting enough hours when learning to drive is critical to mastering the car, the rules and other road users. ICBC […]
I need a couple of days to process all the information I received in today’s lesson. Why do so many […]
When i drive I Fear hitting the Parked Cars! I cannot tell where the Side of My car is! This […]
Drove a bit in my home country and then found Cooper for ten lessons. The examiner got in the car […]
What is the first step? How about the steering lock? Yes, cars have a mechanism to stop the wheels from […]
Remove everything from inside your car when you park. Leaving a bag or a book or a small package or […]
Vancouver is beautiful! Why not go everywhere on your driving lessons? Why NOT? Hmmmmmm. Come drive with us. Go everywhere […]
Sorry but I don’t really understand is change? What was the original rule that got changed? Part of this Driving […]
Car Pulls Out From Stop Sign Directly Into My Bike’s Path! I was travelling north on Union St. Car was […]
Wow, I cannot believe we drove on Hastings, Broadway, Clark and downtown through the east side today! It was amazing! […]

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