chaos coming soon to a road near you
“The Province is a leading jurisdiction in North America for defining and protecting vulnerable road users.” The huge well funded […]
smokin the back wheels
Watching high-speed car racing, intense TT motorbike races, and videos of cars balancing on two wheels have made me contemplate […]
fire hose important for fire
Red light 129   (1) Subject to subsection (2), when a red light alone is exhibited at an intersection by […]
stop & yield in same place
Part of Driving is Spotting the Confusion, sometimes Designed Confusion. Confusion and driving can set you on a course of […]
These accidents happen when a vehicle door is opened into traffic and is struck by an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, Vehicle […]
come drive in thailand
During my time driving in Thailand, I noticed several significant factors: Tailgating is particularly concerning. Research shows that following another […]
dont cross center or its wide left
Many clients struggle with left of the centre of the intersection as they learn the exact positioining of both of […]
stop coming lights coming
Simple method, pay attention to the yellow road signs posted all the way down the road ahead of you! YES! […]
how many signs are there
Clients often inquire about the what I think the most common reason for failing a road test. I consistently highlight […]
wide right turn
Vehicle “A” = 75%Vehicle ‘B” = 25% Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you should be very […]
Vehicle “A” = 100%Vehicle ‘B” = 0% Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you should be very […]
sketch intersection b car hitting A car
Who is to blame? Will you be conscious after you are hit to discuss the question? A frightening idea and, […]
splash of paint beside a steel plank
STEEL  As we drive down the residential road at 30 or 40 km/h, we see a long line of parked […]
This video example shows a different country signs with language differences. But did you know that crossing from one province […]
highway cutting through country hillside
I just got home after a driving lesson with a client I trained 3 years ago when I first arrived […]

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