Yes, many New Canadian drivers can drive on their countries license for a certain period ( 90 days, six months […]
We teach 8-CHECKS to help our drivers catch these hidden stop signs. Many drivers may never realize that they blasted […]
Every day we see persons on the road with Stop and Slow signs helping us navigate thru often confusing road […]
I need a couple of days to process all the information I received in today’s lesson. Why do so many […]
My eyes were wide open in today’s driving lesson because my instructor told me to turn left onto a one-way […]
Driving Lesson – Learning To Drive  Includes the range of skills required to move the car exactly where you want […]
I caught this on a movie the other night. Why would this be added to the bottom of a stop […]
$253 fine, not to mention the risk you place on the workers standing close to the rushing traffic. And with […]
While learning to drive, for some, one of the toughest changes to adapt to is the importance of moving the […]
Car A getting from right lane to left lane and Car B getting from left lane to right lane at the same time
This entire section of ICBC’s website shows multiple or common collisions and how the fault is settled. Take a look. […]
Often a driver or pedestrian makes an obvious mistakes and steps out into the wrong places in traffic. I know […]

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