How to Set Up Scheduling With Cooper

  • When booking driving lessons with COOPER, you will see NOCON beside your name.
  • These are possible drive times NOt yet CONfirmed by you, the client; however, they are entered into COOPER’S schedule as a potential appointment.
  • You must reply to capture the times you want. Once you respond, the NOCON is removed, and you receive a confirmation which BOOKS you into that time slot.
  • If you fail to reply, that potential appointment can disappear anytime and be taken by another client.
  • Please do not feel pressured by the NOCON or the list of possible times. If you find a driving time you like, text me to confirm the spot you want.
  • Alternatively, you can text suggested appointments and your preferred times/ dates that work best for you. I will return more possible appointment options.
  • The NOCON appointments will disappear on their own if you don’t confirm them 🙂
  • No pressure here.

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