Previously I have talked about this unique race track which allows anyone to take the family car out onto the […]
smashed windscreen on car
Be a safe pedestrian (ICBC) Knowing the precise numbers helps manage your perceived risk versus the actual risk help when […]
Each quarter the highest speeding ticket is published… 141,833 speeding tickets were issued since the summer of 2019. That’s 155 […]
There are tons of videos like this online. Is it getting more popular or was it always happening but we […]
We all want the best for our kids and also believe that they are special and unique, which they are, […]
The majority of my clients both last year and so far this year are female. Average age for all clients […]
‘You can catch that light you know!’ ‘If you go left here its faster.’ The Bugatti. If you do not […]

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