These accidents occur when one vehicle enters an intersection on a red light while another enters the same intersection on a […]
These collisions happen when a driver overtakes a cyclist in order to make a right turn. In this diagram, the […]
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot and collides with another vehicle that is reversing in […]
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot when it collides with an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, […]
stop & yield in same place
Part of Driving is Spotting the Confusion, sometimes Designed Confusion. Confusion and driving can set you on a course of […]
These accidents happen when a vehicle door is opened into traffic and is struck by an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, Vehicle […]
hill park cooper car
Vehicle A – 100% Responsible Vehicle B – 0% Responsible Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you […]
“I’m not at ease when I drive, and it might be because I learned to drive in a smaller town […]
outside opinion
Where do training groups send a client they cannot help? THEY SEND THEM TO ME. Driving is an every moment […]
Ah, the curious traveler’s conundrum! I found myself pondering, with a touch of intrigue, the stark contrasts in driving experiences. […]

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