Long lines of stopped traffic act similar to a solid barrier or a solid wall, with one huge exception. Cars, […]
Night driving is trickly because pedestrians, dressed in dark clothing, are black like the night and can only be seen […]
Every day we see persons on the road with Stop and Slow signs helping us navigate thru often confusing road […]
Car Pulls Out From Stop Sign Directly Into My Bike’s Path! I was travelling north on Union St. Car was […]
Right and Wrong bike Lane Usage
I grew up in Ontario, and spent seven years driving in China before moving to B.C. three years ago. My […]
Disturbing stats are coming out of the USA with spikes in pedestrian and cyclist deaths. I have talked about it […]
Confusion is a big part of this driving thing. Keep your eyes open because every day you get a chance […]
I caught this on a movie the other night. Why would this be added to the bottom of a stop […]
Securing all occupants in the car requires attention to detail and a careful focus on building strong habits that ensure […]
Oops is part of driving. Actually, it’s a big part of driving as it is a big part of life. […]
My car starts 20 or more times a day. I start in the am and drive to my first class. […]
While learning to drive, for some, one of the toughest changes to adapt to is the importance of moving the […]
Big Nail in My Tire
Actually, it was a very long screw deep in my beautiful $300+ tires. My morning walk around where I pick […]
2 cars crashing head on
Does your driving school teach you how to get to a hospital in an emergency? Do you know where the […]

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