This first exam is a unique experience which contains many surprising requirements that most of us would never imagine. Without […]
Listening to a client who just failed a driving test can be challenging. It’s often difficult to figure out precisely […]
A vehicle drives through an intersection with no stop signs. A crash occurs when a second vehicle drives through the […]
A vehicle stops at an intersection with a four-way stop and then proceeds. A crash occurs when a second vehicle […]
This crash occurs when a vehicle changes lanes and collides with another vehicle that is leaving a parking spot. In the […]
A vehicle leaving a roadside parking spot collides with a vehicle driving on the road. In the diagram, Vehicle B is […]
These collisions happen when a driver crosses a sidewalk or roadway while pulling out of a parking lot and collides […]
These accidents happen when a vehicle door is opened into traffic and is struck by an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, Vehicle […]
how many signs are there
Clients often inquire about the what I think the most common reason for failing a road test. I consistently highlight […]
high energy clients
Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear related to driving is the majority of my clients. Most have worked with previous […]
test sign on dark background
Yes, some but not all centers offer standby road tests. Read all about it here at this link. Bring a […]
driving school car parking beside orange pilons
This is a typical response to meeting a slow-driving school car when moving along on your normal A to B […]
hands from team holding pieces of the puzzle
SESSION 30Today was our thirties driving lesson for client “B.” (20 x1.5 hours = 30 hours total driving) (30 x1.5 […]
October 3, 2021 client comes to drive with me to drive a car for the first time in their life. […]

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