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“If we taught driving forward, the same way most driving schools teach parking in reverse, drivers would need a master’s […]
An Experienced Drivers First Lesson is Different. Read More Here. We meet, and I drive for about four minutes and […]
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90% 10% 1% My most admitted mentor in road safety often stated, “the road system is extremely forgiving.” Many are […]
When i drive I Fear hitting the Parked Cars! I cannot tell where the Side of My car is! This […]
I just arrived in Vancouver. So many questions and so many steps to figure out how the driver’s license works […]
My heart goes out to both Maureen and the driving Instructor. Throwing a learner into the deep end of the […]
A two-way left-turn lane is very common. The sign tells you that the entire lane allows you to set up […]
For the last six months, my average client age was 37-years-young. (a wide variety of clients work with us, but […]
Yes, you are best to manage your practise person and make sure THEY experience success when they go drive with […]
I stood listening to the students in China speak the English word ‘dog.’ A few students spoke it instantly without […]
INFORMATION OVERLOAD Many clients come to me from other trainers, confused and frustrated. The instructors dumped everything they knew onto […]
Send them to a top trainer first. Find a high-quality trainer… a trainer motivated by life-long safety and not by […]
Recently a client, let’s name Sue, in their late 30’s started driving with me. After two sessions, the nervousness began […]
We meet at our preset meeting place. I bring the car, and you bring your license. Outside of the car, […]
New drivers typically struggle with 3 main maneuvers in the following order of difficulty; left turns, lane changes then parking. […]

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