Sometimes the solution to confusion during a driving move, like a lane change, is not easy to find.

One approach is to review the entire movement, first demonstrate it, with the client measuring a key component such as the flow of each lane before us changing lanes. Or they monitor the colour of the cars behind us, noting when they are entering our blind spots and exiting.

Next repeat the demo with the client driving, again, both of us discussing the key steps, all steps of the manoeuver. Then, working together, sharing the pieces of the movement, assisting with my dual brakes or my dual gas, or assisting with the steering by placing one hand on the wheel, and helping to control the gentle lateral move.

Often, when I do not know the client’s issue, we still uncover the missing piece using this strategy.

Actively working together with the client to ensure all the steps are in place, clear, demonstrated, performed, and understood, allows the client to discover the missing piece.

I had no idea what the solution was, regardless, we found a solution.

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