Your best first step here is to meet me at King Edward Station which is very close to a very calm quiet area where you can slowly show me your concerns and together we can a step forward towards building you into a Calm Driver.

  • give your concerns with driving a voice
  • allow me to hear your story and propose a direction forward
  • together build a positive enjoyable experience as best we can

Coming with no expectations, other than tell your story and get to know me and my car a little. Sure, if you wanna drive a bit its also ok. Many don’t the first time, or they drive a wee bit from the instructor chair 🙂



$195 + GST = $204.75

You’ll walk away with …

“I hesitate to set high expectations as I believe it’s more important to set a direction for moving forward than to establish rigid goals and expectations. Hard targets too often introduce unnecessary pressure into the learning process. Growing up, I was frequently criticized for not adhering to a predefined path to success dictated by the authoritative figures in my upbringing.

I hope you will come away from our interaction with a neutral, yet relaxed experience. Many clients describe their first meeting as a blur, but notably not a negative one, which doesn’t add to any previous fears or bad experiences. This neutrality is crucial as it represents a step forward, potentially paving the way to positive developments. It’s about starting to move away from past negatives, opening up the possibility of stepping forward into a more positive mindset of ‘I CAN’ rather than ‘I CAN’T’.”


Since 2019, I have specialized in transforming doubtful learners into calm, confident drivers in Vancouver. The best evidence of my effectiveness is the heartfelt testimonials from real clients, reflecting not only their triumphs but also the mutual growth we’ve experienced as they’ve shared their stories of anxiety and fear.

My professional path wasn’t shaped by formal education but by sheer determination and a dedication to overcoming challenges. This drive led me to high-level roles such as CEO of an international consulting firm a acting CIO for one of Canada’s largest privately owned marketing groups. My real-world experience is complemented by extensive training with the Road Safety Association and collaborations on rehabilitation programs, enhancing my ability to help you manage driving anxiety.

From driving starting at the age of six, to overseeing safety in high-pressure research studies with Transport Canada, my hands-on experience is vast. However, ignoring stress and emotional strain throughout my rise led to significant health issues, which reshaped my approach to stress management and resilience—lessons I bring to each lesson.

My wealth lies in experiences and lifelong learning. I am committed to helping you gain the freedom and confidence that driving provides. Come and take a small step with me; it might just change your life.


  • expect a simple calm chat, like meeting a long-time friend. I can lead or follow, whichever works best for you
  • carry you real license or related ICBC documents
  • bring water tea or a drink if needed
  • in my car I have tissue and clean small freshly laundered towels for hand sweating etc.
  • often new clients worry about the first session. I encourage you to still come meet me because success is you taking this first step 🙂 And if you must cancel and delay it is ok. Tomorrow will come and I will still be near to help you.



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