With eight years of driving experience in your home country, your ICBC test is just a week away. To succeed, […]
You have eight years of driving experience in your home country. Your driving test is coming up in a week. […]
how many signs are there
Clients often inquire about the what I think the most common reason for failing a road test. I consistently highlight […]
One parent advises against excessive caution, citing potential accidents. Another suggests immediate exposure to traffic under an instructor’s guidance. Police […]
high energy clients
Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear related to driving is the majority of my clients. Most have worked with previous […]
highway cutting through country hillside
I just got home after a driving lesson with a client I trained 3 years ago when I first arrived […]
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Yes, some but not all centers offer standby road tests. Read all about it here at this link. Bring a […]
driving school car parking beside orange pilons
This is a typical response to meeting a slow-driving school car when moving along on your normal A to B […]
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SESSION 30Today was our thirties driving lesson for client “B.” (20 x1.5 hours = 30 hours total driving) (30 x1.5 […]
Yes, many New Canadian drivers can drive on their countries license for a certain period ( 90 days, six months […]
you must now wait 14 days after your first test 30 days after your second test 60 days after your […]
Drove a bit in my home country and then found Cooper for ten lessons. The examiner got in the car […]
Not a single mark! Examiner had nothing to say except “You Passed!” I travel for work, and I have been […]
“I always thought that staring straight would keep me positioned accurately in my lane. But after your training, I realize […]
Prepare For our Driving Test
I roll right turns on red lights. I stop so close to cars ahead of me that I cannot turn […]

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