come drive in thailand
During my time driving in Thailand, I noticed several significant factors: Tailgating is particularly concerning. Research shows that following another […]
car bike crash open door
the futre has more humans in smaller spaces - CAREFUL DRIVERS! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE MORE AND MORE AND MORE! why? Well disruption for the sake of disruption is the new science.
hill park cooper car
Vehicle A – 100% Responsible Vehcile B – 0% Responsible Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you […]
trust communicate
I frequently observe drivers pushing themselves to their limits as they rush to excel in every aspect of their tasks. […]
skills is a great solution
Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t drive in unknown areas”? It’s a statement I’ve come across countless times […]
anxiety many kinds
What are the primary concerns my clients bring to me regarding their fears, stresses, and anxiety, grouped by priority? Group […]
eyes looking center only
A driver right beside me in the lane to my right drove thru a busy construction zone, stopped at the […]
deconstruct your skills
Your friend plops down on a plastic chair, it goes CRACK, and they crash to the floor. You lean on […]
Ah, the curious traveler’s conundrum! I found myself pondering, with a touch of intrigue, the stark contrasts in driving experiences. […]
speed, phone, booze
An Interesting site points out three main factors of drivers who died while driving: Speed Phones Booze It is […]
stop coming lights coming
Simple method, pay attention to the yellow road signs posted all the way down the road ahead of you! YES! […]
Today another driving instructor said hi, and we briefly chatted about our cars. We were parked beside each other in […]
confident driving
This common teaching approach gets you a license but might not prepare you for long-term driving. Understanding the ‘why’ behind […]
I have heard the following sad story far too many times… I took driver training many years ago. I failed […]
sketch intersection b car hitting A car
Who is to blame? Will you be conscious after you are hit to discuss the question? A frightening idea and, […]

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