Hey new drivers! Here’s a crucial parking tip for you: It’s Not Just One Move! 🚗➡️⬅️ Many new drivers think […]
An accident in a roundabout occurs when one vehicle enters a roundabout and collides with another vehicle already in the roundabout. […]
These accidents happen when two vehicles are reversing from facing parking spots and hit each other.In this diagram, Vehicle A […]
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot when it collides with an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, […]
unlearn to learn
When I lived in China, I observed many Chinese students saying the English word ‘dog.’ Some instantly said it without […]
main lane versus feeder lane REALLY!
VEHICLE A – 100% Responsible Vehicle B – 0% Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you should […]
i struggle to park
“ I am taking too much time to park! The cars behind me are very angry. You want me to […]
parking stress
“I worry about hitting the car. Am I close, I cannot tell? My anxiety climbs just thinking of having to […]
man sketched pairs of eyes
Mastering the art of reversing a car is the key to overcoming fears associated with tasks like backing up, parallel […]
Get an intense 360 look at the entire parking lot, noting where you keep to the right side and where […]
parking on white line fail
I passed even after parking on the white line! Why do you think this is? Many drivers are very concerned about […]
Yes, you the new driver must manage anyone who is kind enough to allow you to practise. Your practise person, […]

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