This concept car announced 8 years ago is planned for release in 2035. That’s more than 20 years of planning […]
battery swapping EV
This New Electric Car Has No Battery and Just Killed Tesla’s Future Government backing and limitless funding.
HOT CARS not the burning ones
HOT CARS no longer means a fast powerful engine. Today EV cars are burning up the marketplace! Making the world […]
burn ev burn
Most every car carries a fire extinguisher in China. Commercial vehicles are required to carry one. Hmmmm. Good idea! Do […]
electric charge cable pulgged into ev vehcile
While learning to drive become something that falls into the past? What about the incredible joy so many experiences when […]
Most mornings, I ride my bicycle to keep fit and enjoy the fresh air of beautiful Vancouver with little to […]
Tesla Drivers Can Now Play Video Games Even With Car Moving
In my condo building, to get charging to my EV car in my parking spot downstairs costs over $40,000! Or, […]
Electric vehicles (EVs) displaying an official decal are allowed in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in British Columbia regardless of […]
Oh and don’t forget the promise that driverless will end all death and injury on our roads. Yes right!
huge concerns over the power of tech power corrupts I love the new backup cameras in cars. Just slam it […]
90% of drivers in any given year DO NOT CRASH. A vast population of experienced drivers have learned how to […]
Of all the careers I have enjoyed and of all the thrills in life I have experienced, driving a car […]

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