Automobiles are an essential commodity in the modern world. The industrial revolution saw the start of a changing planet […]
big red panic button
Panic takes complete control. Panic is lightning fast. Panic can detect danger in the blink of an eye. Panic erases […]
Vehicle “A” = 100%Vehicle ‘B” = 0% Go read ICBC’s 33 crash discussions all of which you should be very […]
callander saturday
Once again ICBC opened up more tests for Saturdays. And Saturdays are a great time for lower-traffic driving. Excellent times […]
focus sign
Don’t look at the parked cars tight on both sides as we drive down the narrow residential street. So then, […]
sketch intersection b car hitting A car
Who is to blame? Will you be conscious after you are hit to discuss the question? A frightening idea and, […]
splash of paint beside a steel plank
STEEL  As we drive down the residential road at 30 or 40 km/h, we see a long line of parked […]
I  WANT TO BE A SUPER SAFE DRIVER! This is a familiar statement from many driving schools and driver training […]
beautiful country scene
Calm Driving Areas We start in a carefully chosen area with low traffic volumes and wider calmer street designs. Reducing […]
tons of snow dunsmuir overpass
The day is Monday, December 19, 2022. The location is Vancouver.  The event is a Class 7 ICBC driving test.  […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
Vehicle “A” = 100% Vehicle ‘B” = 0% If you can’t see, you can’t go. Vision Vision Vision 100% Hope […]
multiple faces and different eyes
And why so many training schools avoid it. Fast Vision Downtown is a perfect environment with endless signs, restrictions, painted […]
sad face and one star of 5 stars
HIGHEST QUALITY EDUCATION AND INFORMATION With my lifetime of driver education, tremendous experience with fleets and all kinds of drivers, […]
highway cutting through country hillside
I just got home after a driving lesson with a client I trained 3 years ago when I first arrived […]

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