Yes ICBC suggests that you prepare questions in writing to present to your examiner before your test. Here are the […] Did your driving instructor provide this kind of help in your driving lesson? See here Cooper’s Question he would […]
1 800 950 1498 Keep these handy and close by. The quickest way to get all your ICBC services. […]
Yes, many New Canadian drivers can drive on their countries license for a certain period ( 90 days, six months […]
One hand, two hands, one finger, your wrist, your knee; yes, we have all seen others do many things to […]
Get an intense 360 look at the entire parking lot, noting where you keep to the right side and where […]
Too Slow Turned in Front of Green Car Did 38 in the 30 zone Too Slow It was a sunny […]
your current ICBC driver’s license primary and secondary identification a safe vehicle with insurance papers if under 19 a guardian […]
As you approach, is the rear car responding to your brake lights? Did you communicate your slow down early enough […]
This is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients during a driving lesson. I think it’s […]
Did this happen on your Vancouver Driving lesson? A major distraction when driving is conversation. Talking with your driving instructor, […]
–news here on ICBC website for road test stand bys –more info on stand-by road tests here I don’t have […]
you must now wait 14 days after your first test 30 days after your second test 60 days after your […]
Actually, it was a similar sign but not 2 occupants but 6. I turned right into this lane and failed […]
Any red symbol on the dash of your car is important. This one, if on, while you pull away will […]

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