My heart goes out to both Maureen and the driving Instructor. Throwing a learner into the deep end of the pool is a teaching strategy I watched as Chinese parents repeatedly threw young screaming terrified children into the deep end of the pool, and called it a swimming lesson. I also know this forced learning style well having grown up under a very ambitious forceful British mother.

Watch this video and imagine what both of their hearts of doing, beating 1000 beats per second as they both struggle to communicate, stay away from crashing, and fail to communicate their point of view.

Personally, I absolutely refuse to train anyone I know, any family member nor anyone with a close connection to me. WHY?

Well, the real answer may need a very deep analysis of human nature, love and the role social connections play in our daily behaviours. I cannot answer this way.

I can tell you that my many attempts to train persons emotionally connected to me never works!

I give you an example.

“Please turn left right here,” I quietly ask the new driver.

“What! I am not ready for this! Why would you make me do that! Its terrifying! I can not believe you would do this to other people!” erupts my best friends brother.


“Please turn left right here,” I quietly ask the new driver.

New driver whom I do not know, turns left.


I advise great caution when learning to drive when it comes time to practise with someone close to you. You are far better to come to practise with a good driving instructor first because you need to learn how to manage your practice person carefully. Very carefully to ensure success to avoid heartbreaking incidents like the video below.

Life is precious as are our loved ones. Driving is a lifelong skill and dangerous. Treat it with great respect and give it the attention it needs. Learning to drive should not be ‘no fun.’

Learning To Drive can be one of your life’s most rewarding and joyous learning experiences! Really! It’s like playing a video game where you sit right in the middle of the game while chaos and complexity surround you at every moment! With one big difference! You don’t have multiple lives. PK truly means PK!

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