The top two incidents that help a new driver truly understand the danger that surrounds them while moving a 2000 kg steel box are:

  1. right side blind spots
  2. left pillar beam blind area

Both totally scare the heck out of the new driver.

Typically it doesn’t occur early on in learning but tends to appear after 20 or 30 hours. The new driver is gaining confidence which often comes with a sense of relief, a sitting back and relaxing kind of, like a moment of rest with thoughts such as “I Got This!”

Then BANG! In comes that brief moment of FEAR when a car suddenly appears in the blind spot or two pedestrians appear directly in front of our car, less than 4 meters away, as we turn to complete our left!


Fear is a great teacher.

Sadly many wait for this to be their only teacher.

Close calls and collisions become your driving instructor.

There is a better way.

I Have Evolved.

Quality Driver Training.

A Vancouver Driving School.


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