There is never a dull moment driving in Vancouver if you keep your eyes open! Driving lessons are not at […]
head smashed into dash of car showing internal stress inside the body
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot and collides with another vehicle that is reversing in […]
smokin the back wheels
Watching high-speed car racing, intense TT motorbike races, and videos of cars balancing on two wheels have made me contemplate […]
Finding ‘good’ varies with each person. There are more than 1500 driving schools in British Columbia. You can find the […]
These accidents happen when one vehicle is reversing from a parking spot when it collides with an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, […]
unlearn to learn
As a young man, I was very interested in cars and drove everything I could. Luckily the neighbor across the […]
fire hose important for fire
Red light 129   (1) Subject to subsection (2), when a red light alone is exhibited at an intersection by […]
learn to drive in vancouver
Step 1: Let’s Keep It Simple: We kick off by simplifying the process. With my dual car controls, we ensure […]
two girls happy driving a convertable car on a sunny day
This example is a client whom arrive with a previous 10 or 20 hours of driving experience. Most every session […]
lern to drive standard shift car 5 speed
Discover a valuable technique for mastering manual transmission driving – self-instruction! After years of assisting novice drivers with a 5-speed […]
stop the anxiety skill
As we learn to drive, my clients and I eventually share our thoughts and feelings honestly, and an extraordinary skill […]
These accidents happen when a vehicle door is opened into traffic and is struck by an approaching vehicle. In this diagram, Vehicle […]
geese on driving lesson today
Early this am I spot a friendly goose walking from the curb lane out onto the roadway. I keep my […]
dry steering
Dry Steering is a myth - it does not hurt the car- in fact it improves control!
come drive in thailand
During my time driving in Thailand, I noticed several significant factors: Tailgating is particularly concerning. Research shows that following another […]

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