Up to 30 years-young, I thought something was seriously wrong with me. Ten people in a room would speak their truths, nine would be similar or identical, and one would be very different, mine. I thought something was wrong with me being so very different. Being different in my childhood was labeled as wrong and bad. I believed this ignorant word for decades.

With this new realization I quickly became an acting CIO and a CEO without being trained. Neither of which I was educated to perform, but I did it based solely on my determination to learn and produce change and improvements. My think differently than most was a huge advantage.



Most clients who come to me describe their situations using words from those around them.

Get over it.

Just do it.

Nothing to worry about.

It’s easy.

Maybe all along your life to date, YOUR CONCERNS OF DRIVING have been honest and accurate. Perhaps you were the only one in the room who could see the reality of driving, the real risks of driving. Additionally many clients receive massive inputs from the environment far beyond what most drivers process; car sounds, road noise, bumps, tire crunches, headlights three blocks behind us, kids or pedestrians in front and side moving sideways towards our path.

Your brain may have been processing the real danger when most ignored it. A faster deeper data collection. Maybe.

Your brain may have been processing the real dangers when most ignored.

I have always been concerned about the true risk when driving. As a teen my friends partying in cars would make sure I was dragged along because I was the one that kept the gang away from trouble in cars! Early On, after losing several friends to cars, I realized that our greatest danger growing up was the car!