This second level test is a big challenge for many drivers, especially those who have not taken the similar, lower-level Class 7 test before. The class 5 test, which has similar requirements to the first test but stricter criteria, including:

  • fewer allowed faults,
  • the addition of highway driving and
  • conflict avoidance awareness.

Preparation is crucial to success in this exam.


$195 + GST = $204.75

You’ll walk away with two essential lists to work on:

Your Habits That Need Changing


The ICBC Fault Items to Avoid.

Practicing is crucial to perform well during the roughly 30-minute exam. Relying solely on your short-term memory for everything I show you is a difficult way to pass this test.


I am highly qualified for this role due to my extensive background in driver assessments and my experience with sophisticated measurement tools. My expertise was honed while working with the Transport Canada Ergonomics Division, where I was involved in some of the earliest studies on cell phone use while driving. These studies eventually contributed to worldwide bans on handheld devices while driving. As the lead assessor, I was not only responsible for training new assessors but also ensuring the safety of the driver, passengers, and the public during experiments. These experiments, downtown busy Ottawa, involved intentionally distracting drivers to capture their errors on camera, documenting the effects of answering phone calls or engaging with passengers on their driving risk levels. My role required me to allow drivers to make risky maneuvers without interfering, yet ensuring that we avoided any accidents. I was also tasked with documenting 6 crash-variables every 15 seconds during the 45-minute drives, all while us all safe. This challenging but exciting role equipped me with unique skills and experiences vital for conducting safe and effective driving assessments. Plus so much more. Come, let’s get you a pass!

chart showing coopers qualifications


  • meet at test area to familiarize youself with the terrain
  • carry you real license or related ICBC documents, original license, temporary license and or ICBC code # attached to your international license
  • water tea or a drink if needed
  • in my car I have tissue and clean small towels for hand sweating


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I wish you the best of luck on your Vancouver B.C. Class 5 Driving Test