This first exam is a unique experience which contains many surprising requirements that most of us would never imagine. Without working or talking with an experienced local instructor I would be surprised if someone passed by just going in on their own. The two books ICBC publishes must be gone through in detail if you plan to attempt this without talking to an experienced trainer.

Yea, I am just saying this to get money! But truthfully if I needed to do the first level Class 7 test I would be in my car tonight practising for a few hours. WHY? Because I want to pass, and I know that my body and mind have developed what I can FLOW OF TRAFFIC habits that go against what the examiners expect.

Think of this test another way. If you plan to drive a way that you THINK is the best way to pass, have you practised this new way extensively? Or are you going to show up and drive A TOTALY NEW WAY which you have never driven before under the EYES of an examiner, and expect to pass?

These tests are not easy. I strongly suggest you investigate them as much as you can before stepping forward.

$195 + GST = $204.75

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