Test day.

Did not sleep well. I worried tossed and turned all night.

Woke early. Ate more muffins than normal. Plus leftovers. Full stomach.

I worry about the mask requirement and fogging up my glasses.

Must practise the mask. On goes my N95 tight fit.

I heard the tape on the top of the mask above the nose to stop the fogging.

I need to practise breathing with the mask. On it goes.

My car arrives.

I have been taped up in the mask for 40 minutes now. It’s working but…

I feel dizzy. Do not know why.

We stop in a parking lot. Practised one park.

I mention I am dizzy. We decide to remove the mask and get out and walk.

I toss my cookies, clean up and proceed to the driving test.

My trainer comments on sitting too far to the right of the lanes. Unusual behaviour for me.

On the test, I score near perfect except for one move…

Passing a parked truck, super slow, I bump him with my right mirror. No damage except to my pride.

I was staring at the yellow line to my left – not wanting to pass over it. My car did not fit. I apologized to the truck driver.

The dropped vision pulls the car to the sides where you look, versus looking way far ahead into the open space.

Looking down at the yellow line very close to the side of your car, worrying the wheel may pass over is low vision, versus looking far ahead into the space to see If you can fit past the parked truck.

Experienced drivers look far ahead into the space and spaces.

The beginner driver looks close at the ground in front of and near the car.

Experienced drivers can manage to look both far and near.

Stress changed this experienced traind driver into a beginner.

Once again stress or any brain distraction steals away your vision.


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