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Listen To What Cooper Got From This Training

COOPER’S three big AHA moments during this training:

  1. eyes and body have a huge effect
  2. multiple crashes but still kept going
  3. brains often get lazy in simple situations

ONE – EYES and BODY are often overlooked but have huge effects on safety

We did a mountain of assessment for each client including mobility, flexibilty, twisting the body parst aroundand measuring how far they can twist or not twist plus a ton of eye tests which totally garbbed my attention. We all see so differently and we perceive colours at different positions around out head, which blew my mind how complex we are and how the energineering of traffic controls, reds, greens are well grounded in science and how we humans perceive! This taught me that many drivers struggle are more than just learning the rules and how to control the car.

TWO – multiple crashes but determinations still kepts going

One client we worked with left thier house in a snow storm slide off the road. Got out and continued down the road to work and a second time again left the road. Again was towed back out onto the road and, yes, continued down the road once more. WOW! I was shocked! Is there no possibility of a light bulb going on iniside your head that maybe something is not normal today? Well the thirs crash that followed invloved a transport truck which pinned the client inside their car crushed up against the cement underpass for a few hours, in the cold, before they could cut them out of the car! And we were training them to get back into drving again because the insurance company wanted the back to work and off the insurance companies paychecks. This taught me that often, our brains are not always the looking out for our best interest and that habits and motivations can over run the risk and safety you are standing in.

THREE – many brains get lazy in perceived simple situations

I heard this but never really understood until I started to recall drivers whom were very dangerous in simple situations, yet able to perform 10/10 in complex movements. It was a baffeling idea until I heard that some brains when they think simples are easy and simple, they go to lazy mode. Its a natural skill of a brain as it trys to conserve energy to be ready for the next lion attack. The fact is a four way stop intersection requires more visual scanning than an advanced left turn signal at a major intersection. REALLY!

chart showing coopers qualifications