two cars hit each other
-2 minutes into the start of the driving exam -turns right onto a busy 50 km/h single-lane busy road with […]
spining timer showing change is loading
Someone close to me recently banged into a car directly in front of them, their first crash in 40-plus years. […]
dark bridge empty laneways dark
Time to be blunt. This occurrence is not allowed. And yet it does happen. We both try very hard to […]
compass showing emobility
riding my bike of course, this decision is entirely my choice most mornings I would rise early, with a relaxed […]
front car bright headlights
High beams in China while driving on the highways, especially at night was blinding. This huge difficulty was so bad […]
parking lot line of cars
Parking is the ultimate conclusion to all driving. You drive for the afternoon and finally arrive. Now, what will you […]
winter tire
man blindfolded about to step off edge of cliff
Often clients come to me with this statement believing they are not good at driving. Many have heard confirming comments […]
driver hilding coffee and cell phone
Distracted driving in B.C. (ICBC) A great skill to learn on your next driving lesson is managing all distractions while […]
Emergency Fire Truck Flashing red and blue Lights
Approach of an Emergency Vehicle Be aware of your surrounding traffic – Most hear the siren before seeing the flashing […]
close up of one brown eye watery
“As I cross over lions gate on my motorcycle, I set up my quick scans to do a lane change […]
driving school car parking beside orange pilons
This is a typical response to meeting a slow-driving school car when moving along on your normal A to B […]
An Experienced Drivers First Lesson is Different. Read More Here. We meet, and I drive for about four minutes and […]
drivers foot on gas pedal
FULL GAS FULL BRAKES INSTRUCTORS VIEWPOINT Many of my clients had experienced several other driving instructors before finding Cooper, maybe […]
high quality award 100% original
Many clients struggle to achieve 100% performance, being totally on top of all the components of driving safely. Laws, car […]

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