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Recently two parents talked to me about the struggle their family faces with practising with their learning to drive family member.


My son is scared of the car!


Where can I find big parking lots to help my daughter master steering control?

I often think of King Fu Martial Arts movies here. A young apprentist comes to a master and asked to be trained. The master make you wash the floors of the house for weeks before he agrees to talk about the training.

Many experienced drivers don’t understand the long hours needed to develop the basics. And of all the basics I see, steering has got to be the most important or one of the most important skill.

“I get really scared in intersections when there are 6 lanes of solid traffic and the light hits yellow or it’s about to hit yellow and I need to accelerate though and around the corner. It freaks me out every time!”

CLIENT: “What do you think Cooper?”

COOPER: “Well, can I tell you what I was watching while you struggled to get around that fast corner in traffic?”

CLIENT: “Sure what?”

COOPER: “Your hands let go and regrabbed the steering wheel about 15 times! And when I do that same turn my hands maybe let go once! If you made me regrab the wheel 15 times while all that other traffic busy is happenieng, I would be sacerd too!”

Basics are Control.

New Drivers Need Basic Control Before You Push Them Into Complex!

Cooper can help.

Come get huge experienced trainer who doesn’t steer using the coaching method many tell me about called “JUST LET GO OF THE WHEEL AND LET IT RETURN BY ITSELF! IT’S EASIER!”

Please, stop teaching them Experienced Driver Tricks.

Come I show you how.



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