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EXPERIENCED DRIVER thinks that there is Lots of Space to gently go back into traffic. NEW DRIVER thinks we are […]
“Spotting trouble, congestion, car door opening, or people standing beside their vehicle in your lane is a tight situation. Drivers should immediately […]
My bigger car is safer, which is why I work out of this larger car. Safety for my clients and […]
COME SEE THE AUG 4 2022 SIDE CRASH TEST Cooper, why do you work out of a vehicle that is […]
While most training centers work hard to train you at the lowest possible costs to maximize their profits, I do […]
Many clients come to me because of a terrible experience with a bad driving instructor. My first response is to […]
Many, if not the majority of new Canadians, teach me their vigilant search for crossing red traffic at intersections on […]
Did this happen on your Vancouver Driving lesson? A major distraction when driving is conversation. Talking with your driving instructor, […]
CLIENT: How do you drive with high anxiety? COOPER: You Don’t! -This is a common question in our Vancouver Driving Lessons […]
When i drive I Fear hitting the Parked Cars! I cannot tell where the Side of My car is! This […]
Many clients I meet face fear during their driving lessons. Fear is a healthy part of driving and has its […]
My heart goes out to both Maureen and the driving Instructor. Throwing a learner into the deep end of the […]
Test day. Did not sleep well. I worried tossed and turned all night. Woke early. Ate more muffins than normal. […]
Dam, the light changed to yellow, just as we entered the intersection. My heart was on fire. Intense heat exploded […]

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