When i drive I Fear hitting the Parked Cars! I cannot tell where the Side of My car is!

This is one of the most common opening lines a beginner speaks when first starting driving lessons. A simple starting point is to learn the two core dimensions – the facts.

ONE – What is the typical width of a car?

ANSWER: Generally a car is 1.9 m wide.

TWO – What is the typical width of the lane?

ANSWER: Generally lanes are between 2.7 m and 3.7 m.

Now that you know the car will fit, the are several vision references you need to add to these two facts to position yourself in the lane. We coach three-lane positions and three references to help know where the car is. We also give a very simple but fantastic exercise that will help you learn precisely where YOUR car is, and where ANY car is.

Come be that great driver today.

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Minimum lane width: The minimum lane width is 12 feet (3.7 m), identical to most US and state highways. wikipedia

U.S.Department of Transportation

BC Dimensions are somewhere inside here.

Search for car dimensions and you will find an abundance of detailed knowledge.


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