I’m so thankful for Cooper. He’s the best driving instructor ever! He helped me manage my anxiety when it comes […]
two men grabbing a gold filled box
We have mainly three populations that come to us. STRUGGLING TO LEARN TO DRIVE People who have struggled with other […]
helicopter view of parking lot
Most test centers have specifically marked Road Test parking spots. What parking spot is your car in? This is the […]
man jumping raven from success to failure
My drive in life has always been live real experiences. This is how I learn. I have been doing this […]
dark bridge empty laneways dark
Time to be blunt. This occurrence is not allowed. And yet it does happen. We both try very hard to […]
puzzle piece fitting into biiger picture
These structures were not strong enough to withstand the extra weight, causing them to collapse, with everything falling to the […]
heavy bumper to bumper traffic
A while back I wrote about heavy traffic. Today I talk about why it’s very difficult to train someone in […]
man blindfolded about to step off edge of cliff
Often clients come to me with this statement believing they are not good at driving. Many have heard confirming comments […]
three trees changing from bare no leaves to full leaves green and healthy
Additionally, there is one more reason why many clients do not achieve nor strive for my awareness level. It’s because […]
“Throwing new drivers into complex situations like highways or intersections with traffic is often a situation that is way beyond […]
My observation of sitting beside a driver experiencing a panic attack or a sudden rush of anxiety is nothing compared […]
Wow, I cannot believe we drove on Hastings, Broadway, Clark and downtown through the east side today! It was amazing! […]
Throwing a new driver into a busy complex roadway is terrifying! There are hundreds of different things to pay attention […]
External distractions cause many drivers to get into trouble, such as cellphones, passengers, or driving past a recently smashed-up car.  […]

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