I’m so thankful for Cooper. He’s the best driving instructor ever! He helped me manage my anxiety when it comes to driving and taught me to be a calm and safe driver. Thanks to his help, I was able to pass my class 5 road test in ONE attempt. 😀

My friend recommended him to me early last year as I was about to start relearning to drive. I had previously learned to survive driving, but not driving safely. Plus, I first learned to drive on the other side of the road, was always an anxious driver and absolutely despised driving. Now, I’m confident and feel comfortable driving.

Cooper does his best to understand your background in driving and caters to it. He teaches everything at your own pace to ensure that you feel calm, cool and collected in order to drive safely. He also ensures that you know the reasonings and research for the driving and road rules. I also found that his summaries after class and follow-up notes absolutely useful. Cooper not only provides constructive criticism, but he genuinely motivates you to be a better driver.

I’m so grateful for all his support and knowledge. I cannot emphasize this enough – he taught me to drive while previous instructors taught me to survive behind the wheel.

A little about our lead instructor COOPER

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