anxiety many kinds

What are the primary concerns my clients bring to me regarding their fears, stresses, and anxiety, grouped by priority?

Group 1:

  1. Fear of being honked at.
  2. Concerns about appearing foolish.
  3. Anxiety about inconveniencing others or getting in their way.

Group 2:

  1. Worry about being rear-ended.
  2. Apprehension about angering the driver behind them.
  3. Fear of being hit from the back.

Group 3:

  1. Insecurity about poor spatial awareness.
  2. Uncertainty regarding the car’s dimensions and proximity to objects.
  3. Anxiety about lacking sufficient control over the vehicle.

Filled with immense enthusiasm, I attentively listen to the client as we begin a journey towards safe and composed driving, acquiring knowledge, and nurturing a continuously expanding awareness of the intricate universe known as driving.

Come conquer driving today.

I will help you build success.


Quality Driver Training.

Fun, Informative, Challenging, Rewarding, and Safe.


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