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We have mainly three populations that come to us.


People who have struggled with other training and attempts at learning to drive. Many encountered fear, major struggle, massive discomfort, high anxiety, post-crash, or just scared or have been in a crash. Most have already worked with other driving schools and instructors but have not found a solution. This is the most significant population that finds me.

Unable to gain peace with learning to drive, they come to find out if any comfort can be achieved. This is the bulk of my client base. Their success rate of getting down to calm and driving is over 90%. And yes, there is a small percentage I could not help.

I was initially trained in trauma and how medical issues impact driving. I also struggle with learning and anxiety issues throughout my career in high-paid corporate management jobs.

In my last three years here in British Columbia, I have worked with dozens of adults who understand high anxiety, having lived with it for most of their lives. Most have lots of support and knowledge surrounding their condition. Many come with multiple learning difficulties, and dozens come from the far end of the spectrum of anxiety management.

All of them were actively searching for someone to help them achieve independence with driving! Many of them know their condition and struggle very well with learning-edge medical and research knowledge.

We tore our entire relationship wide open, as I learned to access all my knowledge for them, just as they gave me access to all their experience related to extreme anxiety and living issues. I openly share my extensive driver training knowledge and change management skills. In turn, I received firsthand leading-edge real-life training on many issues they live with.

I have learned so much, both professionally and personally. And I continue to learn with each new client!

Together, working hard, we eeked out a path to calm driving. Many drive today and every day. Come find your way to calm driving.


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