man jumping raven from success to failure

My drive in life has always been live real experiences. This is how I learn.

I have been doing this most of my life.

Doing first, then learning theory second, works best for me.

When I was young, prolonged reading or listening drove me into a heavy sleep.

I was forced to choose a different path.

Living through real learning, like a job or a career in a busy corporation, blew my mind.

My years of struggle growing up were freed when my mind was released into the business world.

I excelled at problem-solving, changing groups, and learning rapidly amid fast-moving, complex corporate chaos.

My great success also came with many failures as I struggled to adapt to the unknown, learned, and overcame the adversities.

Given my young struggle, I was good at achieving goals in the face of adversity. I gravitated to the top of management, the best place that could affect the biggest changes.

But there is a downside with this path to learning as compared to a theory path, which lays out a four or eight-year system of how to succeed.

The downside is the many failures as the experiences force me to change, adapt and learn.

I do fear failure but have learned to face it head on and embrace the accelerated learning and rapid change it often demands.

Learning this anxiety work and getting to a working solution has been dramatically successful however it was not a 100% perfect path. I have failed several times.

Several times I could not make a connection and unite with a client.

Most often, it was my lack of patience or lack of understanding. I push forward when I am paid to render a service and often this push is too soon or too fast causing a collapse of the relationship. The client moved on.

I call this a backfire in the high-anxiety population. Often when you cross the overwhelmed line once, the suffering the client experiences is too great, and I am thrown into a vast group of bad instructors.

I do apologize to anyone to whom this applies. I do learn but sometimes it’s too late.

For the few I am talking to, I do hope you found someone out there to help you.

I am not perfect. I will always give you my 100% effort. And I do make mistakes.

I am sorry.


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