deconstruct your skills

Your friend plops down on a plastic chair, it goes CRACK, and they crash to the floor. You lean on a small table, it gives way, and you tumble down, too.

These structures couldn’t handle the extra weight, so down they went, taking everything with them.

People come to me when they’ve had a rough time on the road as drivers, passengers, or bystanders. The stress, fear, and trauma from these experiences can really weigh you down, slowing everything down.

Returning to everyday life takes work, time, and often a few struggles. There are many solutions, and they often involve different experts and strategies.

So, how do I help a driver in distress?

Stressful situations reveal your driving weaknesses.

We strengthen your core driving skills.

I’ve seen my approach work with past clients who regained their confidence in everyday driving without fear. I’ve also noticed that near all my anxious clients needed more clarity in their core driving skills.

I break down your skill sets, ensure the foundation is solid, and help you improve at all four skill levels. This way, we can identify and rebuild any weaknesses the trauma may have uncovered.

deconstruct your skills


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