man blindfolded about to step off edge of cliff

Often clients come to me with this statement believing they are not good at driving. Many have heard confirming comments from trainers, friends and family members.

Many hear these coaching words:

  • just do it
  • ignore your concerns
  • it will get easier the more you do it
  • you are being silly; drive the car
  • you are being over sensitive
  • your light is green so you have the right of way

I can respond in two ways.

  1. Discuss how WRONG you are to assume you are a BAD DRIVER.
  2. Explain why so many insist they are RIGHT as they give you silly advice.

In truth, your concern about the dangers, specifically the higher risk you sense at intersections, is BRILLIANT! You may be the only person in the room seeing reality. 

Where better a place to get t-boned by a steel 2000 kg car coming straight at the side of your car passenger’s door or the driver’s door than at an intersection? HELLO!

Forty to sixty of all collisions occur at the INTERSECTION! Hello!


Wake up, People! Is everyone asleep out there?

So brilliant you are, as a new or fearful driver, to state a clear and accurate concern that you are afraid at the precise location where the risk JUMPS!

So listen to your concerns, for they are spot on target with reality.

Come to me and learn more about how accurate you are in your risk awareness and how silly many others are to IGNORE these realities! 

Let us call the comments around you Pack-Blindness, but that’s a story for another day. 

For now, bring your intuitive awareness of the risks and come build a solid calm driver on top of your brilliant viewpoint of this driving thing.

This is what driving lessons should be about!


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