everything is overwhelming

Discovering a client who already has an ingrained “everything” habit is truly promising. This habit serves as a robust foundation, but often, it leads to overwhelming and confusing outcomes. Many individuals are diligently trying to execute all-encompassing checks, follow extensive checklists, and conduct exhaustive visual scans because they firmly believe it’s the prescribed way to drive. This conviction is often instilled as an absolute, non-negotiable answer in their previous training.

However, the flaw in this approach becomes evident in practice, as it doesn’t always translate to safe driving. Overwhelming learners with a one-size-fits-all solution, which even experienced drivers may find impractical, is a common misstep. This oversight frequently occurs among trainers who fail to self-assess or question their teachings, missing the crucial point that not everything needs to be scanned everywhere.

While some highly aware drivers naturally possess an “everywhere” awareness, it’s crucial to recognize that acquiring this level of vigilance takes decades and a wealth of experience—something new drivers haven’t had the chance to accumulate. Therefore, encountering a client with an entrenched habit of searching everywhere is a delight to work with.

The excitement arises from the opportunity to swiftly streamline their approach. By paring down the overwhelming “everything” aspect, the focus can be redirected towards a core, clean, and solid movement strategy. This shift often results in an “AHA” moment for most drivers, bringing immense joy, especially after struggling for an extended period attempting to emulate experienced drivers following the “everything” ideology.

everything is far too overwhelming

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