dfective tires careful

Are you listening?

Falken Wildpeak AT3W with size 265/70R17 115T and Wildpeak HT02 with size LT235/85R16 120/116S tires.

Due to a manufacturing error, the tires may have a puncture in the sidewall and leak air.

What tires are you driving to work on today? Do you know?

This is NHTSA Recall ID Number : 23T010 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration United States Department of Transportation.

Recalls occur most days.

Did you know there is also a Canadian Group that also tracks this sort of safety related thing? Can you tell me its name?

Whats the history of the driver trainer you are learning from?

The fine for driving without insuance is $598 and could go up to $2000 and even 6 months in jail! WOW!

If there is no insurance, who pays for a collision?

Does the trainer have a valid drivers license? Did you check? If they don’t who is charged for driving without a license?

Sure you can sit back and assume that someone else is managing it.

What percentage of my clients ask to see my insurance, and or my valid driver’s license?

Does this conversation cause you anxiety? If yes, then there is an easy solution -> knowledge! Ask yourself how safe you want to be. Then come see me and we will give you that level. I call it Calm Driving and it is built on knowing.


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