Change is difficult. stop smoking, adapt to a new job, move in with someone new, start a new relationship, end […]
Q: What! Do you suggest I manage my co-pilot? CLIENT A: YES! Absolutely. This is your learning. Be responsible for […]
Getting enough hours when learning to drive is critical to mastering the car, the rules and other road users. ICBC […]
THESE ARE COMMON WORDS FRIENDS and FAMILY SAY TO A NEW DRIVER “Hurry Up You Are Driving So Slow.” “Drivers […]
Come on mom I gotta get the hours and practise. Be my driver education teacher for a little bit. What […]
Yes, you the new driver must manage anyone who is kind enough to allow you to practise. Your practise person, […]
Yes, you are best to manage your practise person and make sure THEY experience success when they go drive with […]
Buy your own car now. Many clients, after struggling for several months trying every possible way to get enough hours […]
PLUS, I SUGGEST… Never sign anything. Never deposit money. Never agree to anything while standing in the salesman’s location. Never agree to anything on […]
Today a client came back for more training after stopping driving for two months. Previously they drove a total of […]
ANSWER: THREE YEARS OR MORE How long did it take you to learn to ski, play hockey or any other […]
What is it like to sit in the driving instructor’s chair? Are you scared? The fear of crashing causes a […]
‘You can catch that light you know!’ ‘If you go left here its faster.’ The Bugatti. If you do not […]
Several things I always establish before handing over the keys to my 1500 kg steel cage on wheels. NEVER DRIVEN. […]
SUGGESTIONS TO MAKE IT FUN AND PRODUCTIVE FOR THE NEW DRIVER As an experienced driver, and as someone who loves […]

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