Come on mom I gotta get the hours and practise. Be my driver education teacher for a little bit.

What do you think we should work on?

  1. parking
  2. lefts at lights
  3. lane changes


Every drive do at least 3 parallel parks and 3 stall parks – best to do these at the beginning of the drive so we don’t forget. Being great at parking is a great confidence builder for the test. Or your fear of not being able to park, becomes a huge source of anxiety! OH NO, THEY WILL ASK ME TO PARK SOON! WHAT WILL I DO?


I insist on seeing 100 lefts before I know a client understands it. Every drive do 15 lefts at lights. And if there is confusion, drive around the block and repeat the exact same turn multiple times until you get it clear.


At least 50 before I know that you got it. So each drive, do at least 15 lane changes. Also, you can do fake lane changes where you talk about if it is clear to go, or if it is not clear to go, and ask the driver to tell you the colour of the car in the blind spot area. The fake park is when you do not make the change, you only talk about it and set them up, but do not change. Repeat these fake changes at least 15 times each drive. Lane changes are one of the most dangerous manoeuvres next to lefts at lights.


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