Getting enough hours when learning to drive is critical to mastering the car, the rules and other road users. ICBC routinely recommends 60 hours before attempting the first level test and up to 3 years of driving before attempting a second level test.

Practising outside of professional driving lessons is an important part of this success.

So let’s hear common comments that arise during these practice sessions?

  1. Go! Go! Go! You drive way too slow. I keep looking behind us to see if the following driver is screaming at us!
  2. Why do you stop so far away from the car ahead of you in traffic? Move up closer!
  3. You leave so much space behind cars when we move with traffic! Other cars will keep cutting right in front of us you know!
  4. Why do you lift up your head and eyes so high to see out the rear window when you are reversing? You can just look in the mirrors you know. I fear the ICBC examiner will fail you doing this on a driving test.

So this is all ok to hear because gaining more time behind the wheel is the goal of your practice times. Smile, be kind and keep driving. You can discuss all of these comments with your instructor during your next professional driving lesson.


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