1. Never sign anything.
  2. Never deposit money.
  3. Never agree to anything while standing in the salesman’s location.
  4. Never agree to anything on the phone or by email or text.
  5. Never wait more than 3 minutes for anything. ( Time is the greatest of all tactics to keep you controlled. )
  6. ALWAYS have a certified mechanic check out the car before finalizing any deal.
  7. ALWAYS negotiate with three different companies at the same time and commit to nothing! And openly tell each company that you are working on a much better deal down the road.
  8. ALWAYS get pricing for money and loans from your bank to compare to the trickster’s offers. Don’t tell the sales groups that money is coming from your bank. Just say I HAVE THE CASH. They love CASH.
  9. ALWAYS make ALL your decisions AT HOME ALONE. No matter what they repeatedly ask, state, “Sorry, but I never make any purchasing decisions outside of my own private, quiet space at home. So please stop asking me to make a decision.”

Several of my past jobs required spending millions of dollars annually, which meant spending up to $50,000 every day! Moving this fast and spending these amounts demands clear, precise facts and eliminating scammers and tricksters. Car companies are the BEST sales groups in the world. When you walk into a dealership, you are walking straight into a trap, putting you, the buyer, at a considerable disadvantage – most of which you are oblivious to. If you can, bring someone with you who can play the bad cop.


A deal is not a deal until you transfer the cash or put things in writing. So DO NOT provide money nor any YES in any FORM -writing, text, voice – NOTHING until you are at home alone, and clear that this car is the right one for you. Walk away at any time you want to or need to. It’s a good practice to walk away several times.


Emotions, being friendly, etc., have no value here. You are just a number to a salesman and nothing more. The car will live with you for five to eight years. The salesman will not. Leave your need to be loved at home. IT’S A CAR. YOU WANT THE BEST CAR FOR THE BEST PRICE. You are not marrying anyone here, nor is it time to pay thousands extra for being nice. Be friendly AND tough but don’t get caught in the very sophisticated traps these best salesman on the planet lock you into. EMOTIONS are not buying the car. Your money buys the vehicle. Keep your emotions at home in your piggy bank, please.


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