Yes, you are best to manage your practise person and make sure THEY experience success when they go drive with you.

If you scare them you have lost your VERY VALUABLE PRACTISE TIME and this practise time is essential to success.

Plan where to go when you go out with your practise person.

Do not go places that will cause you to disturb them. Avoid things that you know you are not ready for such as heavy traffic or highways or left turns.

You know what you know and what needs repetition to get smoother and sure-footed. These repeat tasks are what you do with your practise person. If you need to get them to drive you to a location, avoiding the I DONT KNOW THINGS, then do that to ensure BOTH of you avoid fear and create success.

This management is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

If you scare the practice person they may never go out with you again.

Be careful with your success.

Near every practise co-pilot, once they see you are good, will encourage you to jump off the cliff so to speak. Because near everyone sees driving as EASY they think you can handle the complex as well as the repetitive tasks you have shown them.

Your practise person may well have the skills to drive safely but the skill to communicate effectively while you venture out into complex and dangerous situations may not be in their skill set.

And if your practise person lacks these important communication skills, you both end up in big trouble because you will uncover their lack of skill, too late!

This is the big difference between driving schools and driver education. Many do not have effective communications skills. In fact, many don’t even have the necessary driving skills! Scary! Ask their crash history! Along the way maybe it is wise to ask your driving instructor’s crash history. Sadly this information may fit into privacy laws so you may never truly know. Maybe it’s better you don’t know!


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